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Sunday, January 15, 2006

[+/-] Drunken debauchery at the Catz Pajamas

Boxing Day, 2005. The Catz Pajamas. An evening of serious cocktails.

The result: a plan, a cunning plan, a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel. The Plan: Europe, 2006.

Well, actually, its now Europe 2007 due to some unfortunate wedding issues (not mine), and its really only Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, not the whole of Europe. But, Boomclick, J and a bunch of friends are going (D-man, Psychomuffin, eduJ - come on, save up some money and come with us...) for three wild weeks of fun, sex, beach, sex, nudist beaches, Klub Wondersex, cookies in Amsterdam, recuperation in Germany, wild party in Berlin, more sex...

Its going to be a blast! We've started a team blog about it: The Euro Trip, and pretty soon I will hav a podcast or two posted from the night of drunken planning.


More details? J and I met with some friends, Boomclick (who has deleted his blog), and his brother, who has no blog (as far as I know), at a 24 hour bar/restaurant in Jo'burg called The Catz Pajamas (in Melville). Its quite a nice place (although the floor is very slippery), and they have a yummy cocktail menu and some delicious food (at least, I think it was delicious... its hard to be objective. Everything tastes delicious when you have the munchies).

I recorded most of the night's conversation on my phone, until the battery died. Some of the sound quality is quite poor (mostly due to people holding the phone too close, or being at the other end of the table from the phone), but on the whole, it makes for some amusing listening.

Mostly, it was a planning expedition for This Year's Travel Plan (hereafter known as The Plan). The Plan is to go to Spain to have lots of alcohol and sex on the beach, then go to Amsterdam and have lots of drugs and sex (I wonder if I will be able to find Klub WonderSex?), and then go to Germany, where we will recover from the drugs and alcohol. And have more sex. (Boomclick is in some severe need of rebound sex and debaucherous behaviour, which we, his friends, will all support fully).

We (that is, J, Boomclick and I) were trying to convince his brother that climbing K2 is a sucky plan, and he needs to come to Europe with us. In addition, we are inviting two more of J and Boomclicks old school buddies (Mitch and Stephen - so sorry, Stephen, I thought it was Stephan, and I got a firm correction halfway through the night about it being Stephen, so many appologies for getting your name wrong), and a german girl (Tina) who, they are hoping, will have some hot, sexy friends to bring to Spain, so the boys can watch hot lesbian sex. This was very important, as you'll notice throughout the conversations.

I've tried to group the conversations into two main threads:
1) drunken talk about spain, sex and nipples
2) drunken catalogues of the drinks consumed thus far.

At Boomclick's request, I have beeped out all mention of his real name, so that his boss doesn't find out... Otherwise, enjoy.

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