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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

[+/-] Gadgets: Samsung D600 mobile phone

I like big BUTTS and I cannot lie... I got my new Samsung D600 yesterday, and I am downloading the Big Butts song for a ringtone. The phone is pretty nifty - 2 MP camera, all the gadgets and doodads that go with it. It has Bluetooth, email (I can send AND receive - apparently, not all phones can send as well as receive, many are receive only. I have set up my mobile phone to receive my Gmail messages - very very cool!).

Some things I don't like about the phone (although, that is probably because its new and I don't know my way around the menu's like my old Nokia - also, it has more buttons):
  1. Its a bit difficult to find my way to my To Do list.
  2. There are no profiles (like, General, Outdoors, Silent, etc)
  3. The predictive text is so-so - I mean, I was borrowing D-man's Sony Erikson, and I really liked the fact that the predictive text on that had a scroll list, so you could see exactly which words were in the dictionary, and more importantly, if you accidently went one too far, you could just push "up" and go back to the previous word.
  4. It would have been nice if the previous word was selected when clearing text - you know, you made a mistake, you're backtracking, the word is spelled right, you just chose the wrong predictive option, now you just need the next in the list or something - well, it should auto select, so I could go through the predictive options again. Instead, I have to erase it and start again.
Of course, all these irritations are nothing really, considering that I was using a Nokia 3310, the basic of basics...
Features I do like about the phone (apart from the obvious, like the colour screen):
  1. The slidey thing - much better than a clam-shell design, or even a straight phone - its really nifty
  2. Attached covers for all the ports - when you want to plug in, you just unclip (on one side) this little rubber cover... its great - my ports won't get dusty
  3. The fact that there are dedicated volume keys and a camera button
  4. the voice memo
  5. video recording
  6. mp3 ringtones
  7. LOVE Forgotten Warrior (Java RPG game, kind of like Mario Brothers, but you can shop for potions and equipment and stuff)
  8. Synchronisation with MS Outlook
  9. [Update: 4 January 2006] Even better - power over USB! Fantastic! I don't always carry my charger with me, but the usb cable is always in my laptop bag, so voila, no more flat battery.
I will continue to add to this post as I get used to my new phone...

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