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Saturday, November 12, 2005

[+/-] 100 Things about me

I recently came across a blog called "The Dog's Breakfast", by Panthergirl. Besides having the CUTEST doggie picture, she has done this interesting list thing (and we all know how much I love lists) - 100 Factoids about herself. (Update: turns out this 100 things about me is a meme that everyone is doing). Well, it was such an interesting and amusing read, I thought I would do one about myself:

    Now, I have to warn you, I think this list is not only narcissistic, but completely inane, so don't read it if you get bored by trivia...

    1. I am a complete sucker for a friendly dog.
    2. I'm allergic to dog hair.
    3. I believe dogs should be members of the family, not "pets".
    4. I have had nine dogs, two cats, a dozen rabbits and six goldfish in my life.
    5. Since getting my driver's license at 18, I have never been involved in a car accident, even as a passenger.
    6. I got trampled on by a horse when I was six. Broke my collarbone and cracked my nose.
    7. I got right back on that horse the next day (wasn't his fault my nose got in the way of his hooves, the way I see it).
    8. When I read fiction, I read in the appropriate accent (in my head, of course).
    9. I continue talking to myself in this accent for several days (not good after a hill-billy book).
    10. I came second in the Provincial Under 16 Figure-Skating championships.
    11. There was only me in that division.
    12. I have never had measles, mumps or chicken pox.
    13. I could eat sushi and chicken for the rest of my life and be happy.
    14. I have been caught having sex in a public place.
    15. I arranged to meet someone I met online once. We had lunch together. He was kinda nice, but we never really chatted again after that.
    16. My dreams are usually incredibly rich in detail and often full of Jungian archetypes.
    17. I love photography, but haven't taken a picture in over two years.
    18. I grew up in a poor suburb.
    19. I never want to live in a poor suburb again.
    20. I am addicted to the internet.
    21. I want a camera phone simply to try out mobile photoblogging.
    22. I prefer baths over showers.
    23. I have a very eclectic taste in music - from Josh Groban/Andrea Boccelli, to the occasional Britney, to Rammstein and Marilyn Manson.
    24. I once scratched my boyfriend's parents' brand new convertible on, like, the second day they had it (or something), and I never said anything.
    25. I hate lab-work with a passion.
    26. My Masters thesis has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
    27. I get a real kick out of public speaking.
    28. I would love to live in a country with real winters - i.e., snow. At Christmas.
    29. I love Christmas - I love Christmas carols, cheesy feel good Christmas movies, Christmas day with all the pigging out, the colours (red, green, gold, silver, blue, white), christmas dinner, christmas lunch, christmas snacks, christmas swimming in the pool...
    30. I was in the choir at school every single year. Twelve years. 12.
    31. I was a mezzo-soprano, but they didn't have a mezzo-soprano group in our choir, so I was stuck in with the Sopranos most often.
    32. I can't sing Contralto.

    Ok, so the list isn't finished yet, but it will be... give it time (you try write 101 trivial things about yourself, see how far you get!)

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