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Sunday, November 20, 2005

[+/-] Wishlist: Travel Charm Bracelet

My family has been bugging me for gift ideas for my birthday, which really sucks, because I always have a whole list of items I want in about September/October (which I dutifully wrote down this year), but by the time November comes around, the list is usually forgotten (in the event of not writing it down), or lost, or uninteresting.

    Fortunately, I can say this year that hasn't happened (I wrote the list online, ha! Take that, Murphy!), and I have a large list of things for my family to choose from.

    However, my mom and I were going through our cupboards, clearing out clutter and junk, and I came across some old jewelry of mine, including a gold charm bracelet, which reminded me of The Plan.

    The Plan was to create a Travel Bracelet, with a charm representing each place I have been. So far, I have an anchor (representing the cruises I've been on), and... well, that's it (there are other charms on my bracelet, but not representing places)... so, a new list follows (this is simply a list of ideas - if anyone has a more representative charm for a region, let me know... failing an idea, an outline of the country will do):

    France/Paris: an eiffel tower, a Fluer de Lis
    Miami: an alligator (for the everglades)
    Bahamas: snorkel, cruise ship, jelly fish, parasailing gear, pina colada, anything beachy
    Peru: mmm, tough one - a mini Machu Picchu? Something Incan? Oo, I know: a llama!
    Scotland: bagpipes, kilt, scotsman in kilt
    England: a london bus, a london telephone booth, big ben, any of the british tourist sites
    Greece: the parthenon, a greek goddess, a map of greece, the evil eye, an alpha/beta (some greek letter),
    Turkey (Istanbul): a coffee cup/bean, carpet, a camel
    Germany: a german beer mug, a hamburger, outline of country
    Comores: scuba gear, water-skis, anything beachy
    Mauritius: a palm tree, tropical flower (eg hibiscus)
    Zimbabwe: Vic falls, Zim ruins
    Swaziland: the Swazi flag (boring)
    Mocambique: a prawn (have you ever seen a prawn in gold charm?) Perhaps a crab (the symbol of Cancer).
    Lesotho: a traditional Lesotho hat

    Of course, its important to choose a good charm - some charms are just shoddily cast. Look at this picture of an Arc De Triomphe charm - its shocking, you can't see any detail, its just a blob. This is a Bad Charm.

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