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Saturday, January 01, 2005

[+/-] My wishlist

My wish list - this has not been put here as an attempt to get others to buy me stuff (althought thats always cool), but as a personal reminder wherever I go, that these things are on my wish-list (so I can't lose it)...

[+/-] Items less than R100
    • Grapefruit knife from @Home (Has three blades: a curved blade on one side of the handle, and a "double blade" on the other side of the handle -- very nice)
    • A salad dressing/vinaigrette container from @Home (has recipes on the sides of the container for different dressings)
    • Business card holder
    • Gel keyboard wrist rest and matching mouse wrist rest
    • "Lock 'n' Lock" plastic food containers (tupperware thingy)
    • Leather cover for Samsung D600
[+/-] R100-R200
    • Skype headset (R99, from Game)
    • Small Hairdryer (travel size)
    • Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Updated version) (Author: Steve Covey)
    • Fondue Set
    • Egg poacher with metal/teflon cups
[+/-] R200-R500
    • Steamer
    • Slow Cooker (Brushed silver look; Russel Hobbs/Kenwood)
    • Coffee Maker (Brushed silver)
    • George Foreman Griller
    • Bluetooth Headset for Samsung D600
    • Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Samsung D600
    • Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls 4
[+/-] $$$
    • Digital video recorder that records to DVD-RW
    • Digital Canon body that fits my Canon lenses for my film EOS500
    • Linen with a thread count
    • MP3 car radio with RDS

See also my Travel Charm Bracelet wish list.
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