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Saturday, January 14, 2006

[+/-] Updated RSS feeds and Technorati crawling

Just a quick note - I've updated my RSS feeds to allow readers to select Full, Truncated or Headline only feeds (thanks to Improbulus, of A Consuming Experience). If you subscribe via the old feed (, please change your subscription - (thanks so much).

In other news - I'm trying to update the tags for my old posts, since they weren't crawled properly by Technorati, so there are a lot of old posts showing on my main page, and as a result, this blog will probably take an age to load - please bear with me. As soon as Technorati have done their thing, I will reduce the number of posts on the main page back to a reasonable amount.

Update: Damn, they've classed me as a splog. Bugger. Unsplog me please, Blogger!

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