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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

[+/-] New Years Resolutions - woohoo

So many resolutions this year. As with my weight loss efforts, I've figured that making my resolutions public knowledge will help me garner support from my friends, while providing incentive not to look like a complete tosser if I don't go through with it, so here is the list (items struck through are complete) (partially stolen from Psychomuffin, since she is uber-organised, and can think of all these nifty things):

My resolutions are (categorized and all)...
    Give up daily refined sugar
    Give up bread from daily diet
    Take a daily multivitamin
    Practise yoga
    Establish food intolerances
    Establish a personal medical file
    Establish an exercise plan (download Body-for-Life guides)
    Lose and control weight
    Lower cholesterol (currently 5.6)
    Floss daily
    Drink 3 liters of water daily (nearly there - manage about 2.5 liters)

    Walk dogs daily regularly (also counts towards health)
    Keep in touch with out of touch friends
    Make notes on friends, regarding their likes/interests (gift ideas)
    Go to Spain, Amsterdam, Germany in September 2006 May 2007
    Send Christmas, birthday and thank-you cards
    Stop being so self-absorbed
    Be more assertive (learn to say "No")
    Plan regular date nights with J
    Spend more time with people that are important to you

    Refresher Art of Living basic course
    Refresher Art of Living DSN course
    Practise Art of Living daily
    Practise yoga

    Store medical file online (see Health: Create a personal medical file)
    Store copies of important documents online (ID book, passport, etc)

    Finish thesis

    Spread the pain of Christmas
    Save for Spain
    Establish a pension plan
    Stick to my budget
    Re-gain control of my credit card spending

    Inventorize credit cards, etc, with toll-free numbers to cancel cards in case of theft.
    Keep track of brilliant ideas (weddings, babies, businesses, restaurant)
    Make effective use of my "interstitial" time
    Find an organisational style that suits me, become more organised and stay that way.
    Declutterize my office and dressing table

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