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Monday, January 16, 2006

[+/-] Hiatus

Unable to control myself, I have given J the log in and password to my blogger account, and have asked him to change it. I need two weeks without the constant siren call of blogging to just finish my thesis and get done. I have, however, asked him to leave my email-to-blog on, so at least I can email Blogger from my phone, or what ever. (Its the template hacks that consume me).

In related news: I've made a decision not to do my PhD just yet. Every fibre of my being screams no when I think about it (I think I'm burned out), and I think committing to a PhD with that attitude would be a big mistake. So, anyone know of any jobs going in Cape Town?

Further news: I love the TLC diet - every time I get on the scale, I weigh less and less. In another day or two, I should hit 89kg - its gonna be great to be out of the 90's...
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  • At Wed Jan 18, 10:39:00 am GMT+2, Blogger Psychomuffin said…

    Hey there,

    Glad to hear you are loving the diet. You go girl! I agree, dropping from 90s to 80s and then 80s to 70s are the best days!

    As for the Phd, if you feel that it is the right time to stop then go with that. Studying something you do not feel passionate about is definately a no-no. So, what now? Any thoughts of the type of field you want to go into?


  • At Wed Jan 18, 01:05:00 pm GMT+2, Anonymous dreamweaver said…

    Thanks PM... I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me now that I've made that decision...


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