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Monday, January 09, 2006

[+/-] Diet: Pass the curry

Apparently, one of the reasons people over-eat is having too many flavours in the meal. This apparently triggers the hypothalamus (part of the brain) to "ask for more food". This comes from research at Yale University (yeah yeah, I know, name dropping is unbecoming, and doesn't guarantee the quality of the research).

The hypothalamus, according to Dr David Katz, is hard-wired to respond to flavours, and this is the reason you can continually stuff yourself at Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc - "sensory specific satiety" (say that three times fast!).

A better plan for a harmonious blend of flavors is thematic eating, he says, like Indian or Italian food (I dunno about that - I've seen a lot of fat Italian and Indian mommas)

Check out this article for more information...

Damn, but I can't have rice. Or lentils. Or carrots, beans, more than 50g chickpeas. Or pizza. Damn TLC diet. On the plus side, poof, 3 cm gone from my waist...

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