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Monday, December 19, 2005

[+/-] Sudoku of the day

Mwahaha! I've just made my blog more evil! Sudoku of the day, check it out in the sidebar.

Hark, what's that sound? Its the sound of evil hands rubbing together...

I must admit, I haven't been addicted by Sudoku yet - I hate numbers games, I have a mental block against maths and anything mathematical. Also, its just too much pressure - if I don't do it, I feel stupid. I feel like my family has expectations of me, being a reasonably bright girl, to do really well at Sudoku, so I've never even really given it a decent shot.

But my uncle loves it. I was shopping for a Sudoku Christmas present for him (BIG shopping weekend at the Pavilion with J, Psychomuffin, D-man and some other friends - my credit card is bleeding!), and I was quite amazed at how many Sudoku products were out there - from books, to electronic versions, to computer software, to board game versions... I was going to buy him this Sudoku board game (because I was kinda sold on the idea of a game for him - makes a nice change from socks, soap-on-a-rope, clothes or stuff "for the house"). But, it was about R70 at Hyperama, with only 50 puzzles. There were Sudoku books available for the same price at Exclusive Books, with more than 200 puzzles. So, in terms of value for money, I figured the board game probably wasn't a good bet. I see now there are other board game versions on Amazon, but none in the shops when I went shopping. Oh well, too late now, because ultimately I didn't end up buying him anything, because the rest of the family are not huge fans of Sudoku either. I ended up buying "30 Seconds" as a big family gift instead - they are big fans of family games, like Rummikub, Uno, etc. Now, I shall introduce to them the utter fun of 30 Seconds.

Now, if I had found magnetic Fridge Sudoku, I might have been sold on that... The Sudoku-page-a-day desktop diary was also very very tempting as a lovely gift idea, but I don't know if my uncle even uses a diary (I'm too disorganised, myself).

While I was searching for gifts, Pyschomuffin and I saw Murder Mystery kits. Now, I've never played Murder Mystery before - PM insists that its fabulous fun. I'm sure it is... That's going on my wishlist, along with Scrabble, Pictionary and other board games.

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