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Thursday, December 15, 2005

[+/-] The SIMs, Weblog Reviews and other news

Yes, I haven't posted in nearly a week. I have an excuse. No, really, I do. I've been working on my thesis, in the lab, and I've been too tired to blog at night. Plus, J has banned me from blogging. I'm only able to write this post because he is absorbed in the SIMs. Mwahaha, Psychomuffin lent me the CDs and J got hooked. First comment: "It looks stupid. Looks like a doll's house or something". Half an hour later, still glued to my screen: "Ok, it looks like it could be a little fun". An hour after that: "Ok, give me the CDs, let me install this thing." Several hours later, as I was getting up to go to work, J sauntered into the bedroom, still fully clothed from the night before, having just finished playing the SIMs at 6:30 am.

Mwahahaha! My work here is done.

[Update: I went out and bought the SIMS Full House. It was on special at Makro. Who could resist at R50 per expansion?]

In other news: I got a weblog review by "speuter" the other day:
Yay... it was quiet nice actually - very constructive indeed. Some comments made on the layout of my blog - I'm working on it, slowly but surely. I've used a template, which I am trying to convert to using divs instead of tables for the layout (I'm not entirely happy with the way it loads), but since I'm new to CSS, its slow going indeed. I will probably only get around to it next year.

Further news on the diet follows. Maybe.

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  • At Fri Dec 16, 04:15:00 am GMT+2, Anonymous Terence Nuku said…

    Your sidebar rocks! I don't usually look at them, but I've spent some time checking out yours.

    I'm new to this blogging thing, and after a few posts and minimal template tweaking (but I still haven't worked out my wonky profile page), I decided I'd better check out Blogger Forum, which is kinda how I got to here.

    Btw, something freaky happened when I clicked your comment link for this post. I'm sure it's not supposed to happen. Take a look.

    Guess I'm the 'Richmond, Tassie, Oz' person in your MapStats, though my butts actually in Scoresby, Melbourne. Never been to Tassie :)


  • At Fri Dec 16, 05:18:00 am GMT+2, Anonymous me, again said…

    Boo-hoo ... I've just told everyone where I live - that was bright!?!

    --all freakoid magnets apply hear--


  • At Mon Dec 19, 08:02:00 am GMT+2, Blogger dreamweaver said…

    yes, i know, that is freaky - I don't know what's the matter with it - it doesn't happen in other posts. dunno ... oh well.

    Glad you like the sidebar - spent a lot of time on it ;)


  • At Tue Dec 20, 12:05:00 am GMT+2, Blogger dreamweaver said…

    Or at least, I should say - it only appears to happen on the first post on the main page. None of the older posts have this problem. And it shifts with the posts - its always the first one.


  • At Tue Dec 20, 12:08:00 am GMT+2, Blogger dreamweaver said…

    and as for the weird note about where you come from - well, I'm not much of an internet guru, but maybe your internet company that supplies your computer with an IP is registered in Tassie? (Just guessing)


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