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Thursday, December 08, 2005

[+/-] Gasp, shock, horror

What, does no-one care about my car story!? Hmmph!
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  • At Fri Dec 09, 07:33:00 am GMT+2, Blogger D-Man said…

    Its not that we dont care, or at least that i dont care. I just figure you should finish something that you should be finishing, but are not.

    To the point where i have contemplated driving down there and slapping you upside that head. But i can wait. Sooner or later you will drive up here and then i can slap you upside the head.


  • At Fri Dec 09, 07:38:00 am GMT+2, Blogger Psychomuffin said…

    Hey honey,

    It's not that I don't care. I guess living in SA just kinda numbs you to these things. I've had three attempted thefts of my car. It happens.

    I know it sucks. But there is nothing I can do or say to make that sinking feeling you get after something like this go away.


  • At Fri Dec 09, 07:39:00 am GMT+2, Blogger D-Man said…

    Well maby not, but i do think its time you finished certain things even if they are not quite like you wanted em, or not as good as you think it should be. Largly cause in 3-5 years no one will actually care how good or bad it was, only that you got it done. Also in a nearer future lik6-12 months you could end up chin deep in debt


  • At Fri Dec 09, 07:45:00 am GMT+2, Blogger D-Man said…

    Well there is also PS's point, She's acctually had 3 attempts and one success, although the success only went a block. Our home has also been broken into 3 times.

    Its crap it happens


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