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Monday, November 21, 2005

[+/-] Please, god! Let me sleep!

Somehow, J and I have managed to disrupt our sleep cycles to the point where we go to bed at around 4 am and wake up again at about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

    Try as I might, I can't get it back to normal. I tried going to bed at midnight the other night, only to toss and turn and disturb J (with talking, tickling, policitical debates, demands for massages, demands for bed-time stories, demands for sex, etc) until 5 am. Then it was the fucking birds (tweep tweep, cheep cheep fucking coo coo! Ug! Nature!), and so I only got about 1 hour sleep before leaving for PMB. Needless to say, I spent until lunch time yawning my head off.

    You would think that would have sent me straight off to bed, nice and early like that evening. But no! Toss and turn again, driving me to ask the pharmacist for something, anything, to help me sleep.

    Of course, all this makes my fibromyalgia flare up, so sucks to be me right now.

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  • At Tue Nov 22, 04:14:00 pm GMT+2, Blogger D-Man said…

    I takes a while to fix a sleep pattern.

    You just gotta go to sleep earlier not like 8 pm. But Shave off an Hour for a week or so. And get up at A SET TIME. Thats even more important. Then after a week shave off another Hour and get up an hour earlier. You only need like 6-8 Hours sleep. So set you wake up time to that, And get up at that time, no dosing for another 30 min. Set 2 or 3 alarms if you have to, all in different areas of the room, so you cannot just lean over and switch it of.

    As a final act of despiration i can give you another way. But this is like a last resort kind.


  • At Wed Nov 23, 07:32:00 am GMT+2, Blogger Psychomuffin said…

    He makes it sound so's my solution:

    Sleep with D-man.

    He will NEVER let you oversleep, will wake you with all his rise-n-shine energy and has a fanatasticly rythmic heartbeat which sends me straight off to dreamland.


  • At Wed Nov 23, 08:47:00 pm GMT+2, Blogger dreamweaver said…

    Uhm... gosh, psychomuffin, I never would have imagined you'd encourage me to sleep with your boyfriend... it makes for some very interesting thoughts ;)


  • At Wed Nov 30, 11:28:00 am GMT+2, Anonymous Wong Online PoK√©r Hu said…

    This usually happens to you if you have been worrying about a lot of things. I think you're becoming an insomniac (or maybe you already are) judging by the things you have revealed, but I think that your time awake could be used to conjure up creative ideas. I do that all the time, so maybe you should try that.


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