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Sunday, November 13, 2005

[+/-] FMS: Depression in the ranks

The last week or so has been very hard for me, in terms of FMS. Actually, its been since I got back from Cape Town. Its very probably...

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    ...the stupid thesis, looming in the background (not dreaming of sharks yet though). Somehow, its managed to sneak its way past the layers of anti-depressant drugs and I've had quite a tough time of it. Going to a baby's birthday party only made me more depressed cause they were so cute and I want one.

    Anyway, I spoke to my doctor, and told her I didn't feel ready to come of the citalohexal just yet, so lucky me, I got another 6 months of happiness on the way. Yee ha! Now, if only I could find a decent non-prescription pain killer...

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