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Sunday, November 27, 2005

[+/-] Birthday cocktails and cheese fondue

Had a fabulous birthday party yesterday. Got more than a little tipsy, with cocktails that I really messed up (French martini (yuk), frozen margarita (ug), pina colada's (blerg)) and cocktails that other people made for me (mmm, strawberry daquiri, vodka jellies... yum).

Had a great time chatting to friends, being dunked in the swimming pool (27 times, for my age) by D-man, eating cheese fondue... drooling over psychomuffin's Franklin Planner... Damn, I wish I was a paper person, cause that is a nice planner. Also laughing at my dogs who were terrified of this one year old baby - strange person, gaga goo goo, strange smell, so small, what is it, what is it?

And I got some fabulous gifts - a lovely bright pink and orange beach towel, a caipirinha kit, a "Got crabs" button (long story - I'll write about it sometime...). Thanks guys, and thanks everyone who came - boomclick, eduJ, psychomuffin, D-man, Gerhi and Petru and baby Benjamin. Sorry for the lack of board games (will remedy that asap...)

Overshare: Also, too much blue curacao makes for very funny coloured poo.

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