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Thursday, October 20, 2005

[+/-] Why do women clean up before the cleaning lady comes?

I know a lot of women who do this. I don't really understand it... I've done it myself, for two very simple reasons:
  1. I pay a cleaning lady to clean, not to tidy. Therefore, I will tidy the stuff I want tidied away, so she doesn't waste her time on this.
  2. If the cleaning lady tidies my desk, I'm screwed!
However, that does not explain the tencency of women to actually clean before the cleaning lady arrives. What is up with that? Like, what, the maid is going to judge you for having a dirty house? She wouldn't have a job otherwise! And do you honestly care what a casual from an agency thinks of your house? Or your domestic hygeine skills? I think not!

Heres what happened: my mom's house is disgustingly dusty. But not only that, its a combination of dust, dog hair, salty coastal air and (in the kitchen, at least), aerosolized grease. Its pretty grim. My mom doesn't know how to clean, and I am fed up with walking on sticky floors. (And now that I think about it - her houses have been like this forever - I remember my aunt complaining of the same thing when I was little). I don't want to do the job myself - the house is huge: 1.5 lounges, 2 offices, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a skullery and a big kitchen. Also, I have better things to do with my time. My hourly rate (for stuff related to my education, at least) is R50. So I would have to pay myself R400 for an 8 hour day to do the job myself (and I'm not sure I would get the job done in 8 hours! I mean, it took a professional maid 4 hours to get the kitchen clean!! FOUR HOURS!!!!). But, my time is worth more to me, so I have absolutely no problem paying an agency to have a skilled domestic worker to do it for me, for R70. I think I am getting the better end of the deal here, but anyway...
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