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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

[+/-] Perspective in a smoked salmon salad

I spent the weekend with D-man and Psychomuffin, and it was absolutely fab. Except now I really really don't want to go to Cape Town. Sniff sniff.

I went to their gym (it was open-day), which was great (D-man is such a slave driver, exactly what I needed), and then Psychomuffin and I spent like 5 hours window shopping for household stuff - it was fantastic. We had a great lunch together (hmmm, Smokehouse Salad from Mugg & Bean: highly recommended if you like smoked salmon! A lot!)

Anyway, Psychomuffin put...
    a lot of things into perspective for me (like decisions I was basing my relationship and the long term with J on), and said a lot of things that really resonated. For example, she said how she decided that she wanted to quit smoking: she sat down and thought "Do I want to be a smoker for the rest of my life?" The answer, of course, was "No", which led to the next obvious question, "So why are you smoking now?"

    Wow, powerful stuff - I've started applying it to my life, and it's amazing how such a simple question can be so effective:
    Dreamweaver: Hmmm, there's leftovers in the fridge for breakfast, tastier than Herbalife.
    Willpower: Dreamweaver, do you want to be fat for the rest of your life?
    Dreamweaver: No
    Willpower: Then why are you considering leftovers when you have a diet plan to help you?
    (Tony Robbins moment here) This question not only reduces the pain associated with denying myself something I want (immediate gratification), but re-focuses me on the ultimate goal of being at a healthy weight, which is very pleasurable. Awesome how that works.

    I have also applied an "in-sight-on-mind" thing to my weightloss efforts: I was tracking my success on a spreadsheet, but its very easy so forget cause the spreadsheet is always outa sight. So, I drew up a graph on some graph paper I had lying around, with loads of different colours (Psychomuffin would be so proud), with my weight and various measurements. There is a line through the graph for my goal weight/measurements (like the BodyIQ thing at Virgin Active), and I have stuck this up in my bedroom, right by the door so I can't miss it. Fabulous! I can't wait to measure myself next week and draw more dots. (Hmmm, connect-the-dots... fun...)
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