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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

[+/-] Overshare: Keeping track of sex

Men seem to ridicule women who keep track of stuff, for example: It's been 5 months, 3 days and 12 hours since we met...

Many times I ridicule that too, so imagine the shock when I found out...

    ...James keeps track of when we've had sex. In detail. "You know, we last had sex twice in one day about a year and a half ago, just after we moved in together." What??!!?

    On the one hand, I'm glad it was so memorable that he has these little details etched into his mind, but on the other hand, the selectivity of it galls me - what about my birthday, then? Huh!?

    Actually, I think its kinda cute, for someone who insists he is not anally retentive!

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