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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

[+/-] Morning sex, evening sex... no sex

So much for the delicious smile on my face. Sigh...

Three times he denied me. Nothing, on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Homeworld is still more interesting than me. I'm beginning to wonder if he watched that "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode, and is now thinking that denying me will get him the upper hand in our relationship.

I'm really grouchy now. And to think I came off the Pill so that I would have a higher sex drive for him, and now look what its got me! I'm half tempted to say "Fine, we'll see who can go longer without" but I think I will be the one coming off second-best in that fight.

Sigh. Woe is me...

Update: Its now Tuesday... still nothing... sigh.
Update: Wednesday. I think I have an appreciation for what he must have gone through all those times when I "didn't feel like it". Sorry, my love...

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