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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

[+/-] I will steal your daughters and make them cry

I made child cry on the weekend. It was really funny.

J and I met a friend and his 3 year old daughter at the local supermarket to buy ingredients for a sushi party. We had just finished shopping when the little girl decided she was hungry now, so daddy went back into the shop to buy some fruit, leaving me with the child. Before he left, I said "I'm just going to steal Jade and go the the fish market for some sushi fish - I'll meet you there?".

The poor child burst into tears, clinging onto daddy: "NO! Don't steal me! Daddy, I don't want to be stolen...". I was so shocked and embarrassed - it was really funny looking at me "No, shh, shh, I didn't mean it, don't cry, oh God, sorry, I won't steal you, we'll stay right here, I'm a nice lady, I promise...". J was pissing himself laughing at me.
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