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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

[+/-] Fuckwits-R-Us

So there's this person who I work with... lets call him X. X is an asshole. He is the most egocentric person I have ever met, and after ten weeks of almost constant company, he is driving me up the pole. He has this way of making comments with the perfect mix of surprise, condescension, scorn and derision. All in one comment. He's quite talented, actually.
  • "For fucksakes, you're not using XYZ-insert-incomprehensible-computer-term-here yet? Amanda!"
  • "You don't know about this or that? Really?"
  • "Why do you ask James to do ABC? Why don't you do it yourself?"
Or making narky little comments when James and I are squabbling. Arg! Its none of his business if we squabble (its a form of foreplay for us anyway).

Grr, grr... I'm really looking forward to going home and not having to see him for a very very long time!

And his mother dresses him funny...
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