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Sunday, October 23, 2005

[+/-] Culinary closure

I was at dinner with D-man and Psychomuffin, and I pinched a bite of James' steak, and D-man seemed a little horrified that I hadn't asked first, and so we got to discussing food sharing. Turns out, D-man and Psychomuffin defend their food to the death, while James and I are quite happy to share and share alike. Certainly, thats how I grew up - when my mom, gran and I went to dinner, we would always order meals that were different from each other, so we could all pick and taste a different dish (especially at new restaurants).

The only rule I have with James is that he does not steal my last bite of food. He used to do this quite regularly, until one day, I exploded and explained The Rules of Food Sharing with him. See, the way it works is, I eat my meal, chatting and whatever, but that very last bite is incredibly important. While I am talking away, I am fantasizing about that very last bite. Frequently, I leave the very best morsel of food for that last bite.

This last bite gives me closure on the meal - I call it Culinary Closure. Its very important to me. If I don't get that last bite, I feel very distressed and I am more likely to continue snacking and eating senselessly, picking at stuff in the fridge. Truly, my base-line stress levels go up when I haven't Finished The Meal. At a restaurant, this will mean that I have to get leftovers in a doggy bag, and I will often delay my Closure till much later in the evening, if I have misjudged the meal quantity and gotten too full too quickly...

Its very very important to me.

Mental note: Does this make me sad? Is this a sign that food is too important a part of my life? Am I living to eat, and not eating to live?

Mental note the second: OR, does this mean I am able to control my gratification, and not give in to the urge of "instant gratification", like some people who eat the best bits first? I.e., I rock?

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