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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

[+/-] Being funny is really hard

Its actually really difficult to write a good blog. This blog started out, for me, as a desperate attempt to reach out and be heard, but with the wonders of modern drugs, that need has gone away. Now, I find myself cycling through random blogs, occassionally stopping at a particularly good one, and realising that I want my blog to be one of those particularly good ones that people randomly surfing actually stop a little longer at, linger over, come back to, add to their watchlist...

Its quite a challenge... What to write about apart from my sad sorry life? Or, what to write about my sad sorry life that people want to read? Or, what to write about, not for anyone else, but for me, that I would find interesting enough to read when I trawl through my archives in years to come...
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  • At Wed Oct 12, 04:24:00 pm GMT+2, Anonymous Jude said…

    Me thought a lot about that too. and I'm trying to make things like that but also trying to not force it that way. It has to come naturally. Besides (in my case) my blog is really for me. People reading it is a bonus - ppl commenting on it is a gift from God (hint hint).

    Whatever makes you happy is what it should be.


  • At Thu Oct 13, 07:55:00 am GMT+2, Blogger Psychomuffin said…

    Here is the thing:

    People are different. They find different things interesting. While one person may like a blog with humour, others may choose a blog they can identify with on a deeper level.

    I think the trick is to be honest. If you are having a rough day, say so. If you are enjoying life, celebrate that. A blog, for me, is like a phonecall to a friend, not a Sunday Times commentary.
    If you look carefully you'll see that the 'good blogs' vary hugely in content and style, but the common feature is regularity. Good bloggers write often, using whatever they feel passionate about at the time. Readers what to 'connect' with bloggers or they wouldn't read blogs. Give it time - someone will 'get' you.


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