Girl Interrupted

Monday, September 05, 2005

[+/-] YAY! Attention

James and I have started walking around the block every evening - ok, well I say this like its been a regular thing, but we started yesterday, and it was good fun...

And I got attention from James. Yay!

I don't quite geddit, you know - he says "Tell me if there is a problem"
I say "James, you're neglecting me."
"James, you're neglecting me."
"James, I feel like I am being neglected."
"James, you're not paying enough attention to me."
"Sulk, sulk"
"What? What did I do wrong? What's the problem, love?"
"Grr, grr"

Alternatively: "You're such a nagger..."

ARG! I can't win! If I say anything, I'm nagging, if I don't, I'm playing games and I know full well he doesn't pick up on subtle hints...


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