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Monday, September 26, 2005

[+/-] Winetasting

We went wine-tasting this Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. We only managed to get 2 wine farms in, because it was a public holiday (who knew?) but James spent about R400 on wine, and I spent about R250. But its really REALLy good wine. I bought a nice dessert wine for my mom (it was her birthday a few weeks ago), and a beautiful port for myself. And a very nice red blend that was very very tasty - and this, coming from me, the sweet white drinker. Obviously James is rubbing off on me.

The strange thing is, this time I could actually taste and smell different notes and flavours in the wines - I could pick out the chocolate overtones, and the ripe berry flavours, and the smokiness of oak... weird.

Even stranger, there was this port at the one farm that was too sweet. Me... saying a wine was too sweet. Never thought I would see the day! (And yes, I know port is not technically a wine, but you know what I mean). It tasted like cherry suckers - blerg.

Anyway, we are going winetasting again in two weeks. Hopefully I can pick up another dessert wine for my mom, and a few bottles for my gran (her birthday coming up soon too). And while we are there, we may as well get our Christmas shopping out of the way as well.

If anyone wants anything (Jude??), please let us know before (and tell James rather than me - I am sure James' opinion will be more authorative than mine, although my palate has improved, so he says).

Also, James and I had a really good time. I don't know if it was the romantic setting of the Stellenbosch wine route in spring, or what, because despite having wanted a break from each other this weekend, we had a great time together.

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