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Thursday, September 15, 2005

[+/-] WebApp of the Day: Sneaky Mail

I have a weakness for reward schemes. Even online ones. (Maybe especially online ones). This leads to spam. Lots of it, normally (even though they promise, blah blah blah).

Now: SneakEmail has the answer: give them a sneakemail address instead, and it will fwd the spam to the real address you give them, labelled so that you know exactly who it was from.

For example: I order something from Amazon, giving them a sneakemail address that I've labelled with "Amazon". Six months later, I start getting spam with the "Amazon" label, so I know that they have sold my address or had a security breach or something. Clever...

Now I buy something from Kalahari. I give them a different (randomly generated) sneakemail address, that I've labelled "Kalahari".

And so on...
Also, you can set emails to a specific address to bounce, shred or defer. Dunno what "defer" is with regard to email, but all in all it seems quite nifty.
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