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Monday, September 26, 2005

[+/-] Ngaargh... my eyes, my eyes

I have been blogging ALL day... Installing and updating code, html, interesting snippets, and generally just playing with the settings on my blog. My eyes are so sore now. , whimper.

I have not paid any attention whatsoever to the day's lecture. Oh well, I will just copy J's homework. Snigger. Who woulda thunk it - Me copying Someone Else's homework. Well, I never thought I would see the day James and I agreed on wine either, go figure.

What have I been up to all day?
  1. Added collapsible fields so that you can click and hide/show the post body (handy if the post is long - see the bottom of the post, click and try). -- Edited: changed templates and lost this bit of code... oh well.
  2. Added a really cool map (see the right-hand side bar). That took a while (figuring out the best place to put it, at least).
  3. Deleted spam comments (I didn't know you could delete comments).
  4. Adjusted the html so that comments can be shown/hidden in the main page instead of in a popup or separate window (click on "comments" below and see for yourself).
  5. Added a hit-counter that will give me some interesting stats on my blog (and not count my own reviews as another hit - the last hit-counter I had seriously inflated my hit count with all my minor changes and refreshes)
  6. Deleted and adjusted some of the ads on my site. I'm not really sure I like having ads here at all :(
  7. Put the archives and the recent posts in a drop down menu.
  8. Commented on other people's blogs
  9. Sign-up up at Technorati and adjusted my blog code accordingly (both of them).
  10. Updated my blog info at
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