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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

[+/-] I take it all back

I have always sworn off Garnier, because I used it once and it sucked - didnt do a thing for my hair.

But I succumbed yesterday cause it was on special, and I bought Deep Intense Red because my current red has faded quite a lot due to using Denorex anti-dandruff shampoo. Anyway, I was quite pleasantly surprised - it took quite well in my hair, and I am very pleased with the results.

Usually, I only buy L'Oreal Hair dye (from previous experience). Wella sucks, and so did Garnier, but they seem to have improved. I am especially impressed because red is notoriously difficult to colour.

I wish I had a camera phone - I would snap my newly vibrant red hair and post it here... oh well.

Actually, I just realised it was Garnier Nutrisse that I used previously, which did nothing for my hair. I just dismissed the entire range after that. I am pleasantly surprised with Garnier 100% Colour - Deep Intense Red (460, I think)
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