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Monday, September 19, 2005

[+/-] Fibromyalgia personality

I have been looking for links between FMS and breast lumps, and came across a statement that many fibromyalgia sufferers have over-achiever type personalities...

How interesting...

Anyway, I found a link to an article from PubMed stating that widespread body pain may be linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Other than that, there's loads of stuff about silicon breast implants and FMS, but nothing much else...

*scuffle scuffle* Where's the friggin' reset button on this body...

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  • At Sat Feb 14, 07:50:00 am GMT+2, Anonymous Lisa said…

    Hi Dreamweaver,

    I believe that the same thing that causes the fibromyalgia could also cause cancer if you get old enough and spend enough time in the emotional states that are the precurser (imo) to fibro and cancer.

    But it's not a death sentence. I recovered fully. I think most anyone can. :) Lisa


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