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Thursday, September 29, 2005

[+/-] Direction vs altitude

James and I are arguing about the terminology of driving "up" or "down" to a place.

James thinks it relies on altitude (ie, you drive down to Durban from Jo'burg) because the altitude is decreasing.

I think it relies on direction - you drive down from Jo'burg because Durban is south of Jo'burg on the map, or you drive down to Florida from New York.

Most times, its irrelevant, because it usually ends up being the same thing anyway.

But driving down to Durban from Cape Town? NO! Its gotta be up!?!

Having spoken to the two people in our lift club this morning, we (the people in the car and I) have come to the conclusion that its probably a bit of both. For example, driving down to Durban from 'Maritzburg - Durbs is kinda more or less east of PMB, but its lower in altitude...

What do you think?
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  • At Thu Sep 29, 10:18:00 am GMT+2, Anonymous Jude said…

    While Durbs may be slightly east of PMB, it's also a wee bit south! So your definition also works!


  • At Thu Sep 29, 10:59:00 pm GMT+2, Blogger AndyT13 said…

    North is always up, South is always down. East and West could be altitude related, but mostly it's be somewhat south or north also, thereefore rule # 1 supersedes. Glad to be of service.


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