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Thursday, September 29, 2005

[+/-] Diet: Some days, willpower comes easier

I don't quite get willpower, you know...

Some days, its really really easy to resist whatever I am wanting to resist. Other days requires a gargantuan effort. Like today. I finally (for the second time in three weeks) had herbalife for lunch. It was very very hard. Mostly because hotdogs were served and I really wanted a hotdog. However, I put my craving theory (see below) to the test and had a small taste of James' hotdog, and it worked - the all-consuming craving disappeared and I was once again able to focus on my ultimate goal (which is to be healthier and sexier).

The craving theory:
Don't think of a blue monkey. Don't think of a blue monkey. Dont think of it. I said, don't. Blue monkey. Monkey.

How did you do? Not too well? Me neither. My theory is that the more you deny yourself something, the more you think about it. This is probably what makes dieting so hard - suddenly so many things are "denied" to you (as opposed to adopting a healthy eating paradigm shift).

The solution? Give in to your craving - in moderation. Craving chocolate? Have some - one bite. Thats the key here, really. Just one bite. And don't gobble it. Savour it. Put "your-craved-item" in your mouth and really feel it - roll it around in your mouth, taste it... you get the idea. Then, walk away from it (this is also important, for those with limited willpower), or give it to someone else (if you really must). Wait. After a short time, the craving will be satisfied and will just go away. You don't really need an entire slab of chocolate.

The important things to note here are:
  1. Just one bite.
  2. Take it away from yourself after your bite (walk away or give it away until the craving has passed).
It also helps if you have someone that can physically restrain you if the above fails ;)

PS: I can't believe I actually used the phrase "paradigm shift". Somebody take me into the back yard and put me out of my misery!

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