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Thursday, September 22, 2005

[+/-] Diet: Progress Report (kg, cm Loss)

This section is (maybe) more interesting... slightly... Watch (or not) this space for weekly updates.

The first weeks weight of 95 was an estimate, based on what I weighed on my scale, before I left PMB. Obviously, I have put on weight since being in CapeTown, so I have changed that estimate to 98kg.

Taken from the beginning of each week (Monday):

Week 1 (12th) 98 38.3 107 120 0.89 4 kg
Week 2 (19th) 96.5 37.7 103 117 0.87 2 kg

I went to the gym here at UWC and they had a scale, so I weighed myself on Thursday (22 Sept, nearly end of week 2): 96.5... so I still don't know if I have lost weight, as such, but the tape measure don't lie... unless I was bloated before PMS... hmmm :(

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