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Sunday, September 18, 2005

[+/-] Diet: Progress Report (General Comments)

SUMMARY EATING PLAN: (subject to change)
Breakfasts and lunches: Herbalife (HL) smoothies (fruit juice, 1 Tbsp fat free yogurt, HL Formula 1, HL Pure Protein supplement, sometimes half a mashed banana). Two HL Fibre and Herb Tablets (henceforth: FH tabs)
Dinners: whatever, plus 2 FH tabs beforehand.

Summary: Two meals replaced with HL shakes, 6 FH tabs per day. Lots of water.

Week ONE:
This is hardest week (supposedly), so I will document week one's progress daily.
After week one, things should be in a bit of a habit, so I will give less detail as time goes by. (Plus, its not too healthy to obsess about this, so one week should get it out of my system)

YAY: I resisted sausage rolls and chocolate cake for tea. (I should feel proud, but chocolate cake is easy to resist. Those sausage rolls on the other hand... if the caterer brings cheese puffs, I'm doomed...)
BOO: Lunch: Not able to resist chicken on ciabbatta, especially after foregoing Tea (which has been a second breakfast until now).

An ok start to the first day - didn't really do what I should, but the resisting tea-time was a big accomplishment, and I feel really proud of myself. On the other hand, the FH tabs are a detox, so I had a mother of a headache all day (until my prescription painkillers kicked in). On the other other hand, I went for a long walk in the evening with James, so I got some exercise...
Personal note: its probably not good to dwell on my failures, so instead I am going to place more emphasis on what I resisted each day. Its like a secret battle with the caterer (dum dum duuuuum)...

YAY: Resisted croissants with cream cheese, and muffins for tea. (Think of the sexy body...)
BOO: Lunch: chicken burgers on herb-bread... cannot .... resist.... arg! :( but i only had one.
CHEAT: snails in garlic butter...

Hanging in there. Third morning in a row of HL breakfast - thats the best I have done since I first used Herbalife in 1998...
YAY: Resisted mini-pies and croissants for tea.
BOO: Lunch: hotdogs. two of.

Starving to death, but still hanging in there. I think I will stop cheating at lunch (see God, I'm starving post), not because I figured out what was wrong (although I did), but because its too much bloody effort to put in every thing I eat into the software: two hotdog rolls, two frankfurters (chicken), 2 tsp margerine, 2? tsp tomato sauce, 2 tsp tomato chilli sauce, 2 tsp mustard... all for two hotdogs? Sigh... Its way too hard - herbalife, on the other hand, I have set up as a "quickmeal", so its much faster...

All good. Although had all-you-can-eat-Chinese for supper.

Not bad. Goal for week 2: resist lunch.

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