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Saturday, September 17, 2005

[+/-] Diet: God, I'm hungry!

Apparently, I should aim to be consuming 2243 calories a day, to effect a weight loss of 0.5-1 kg. Less than 1300 calories (for women) supposedly triggers your starvation mechanisms.

Well, I consumed only 1400 calories yesterday, and I was definitely starving! I went to bed hungry, woke up hungry, stayed hungry after breakfast...

On the plus side, I figured out why I cheat at lunch - no tea. I am so used to eating at 10am now (from "tea" here in Cape Town, or "breakfast" at home) that is has become a habit. So by the time lunch comes around, I am *starving*, and can't resist a real "meal".

The solution: have a snack at tea (today, will be a Jungle Oats Berry energy bar)... lets see how that goes...

PS: a note here: I think the starvation mechanism cutoff level thing is a broad generalisation. Because if I have herbalife for breakfast and lunch, I will be having a total of 300 calories, or something, so supper will not bring me up to 2000-odd (I hope). However, herbalife provides all the amino acids, vitamins, essential fatty acids, etc that your body requires. Theoretically, that should stave off the starvation metabolism triggers...

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