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Monday, September 26, 2005

[+/-] Damn you, psychomuffin!!

I have just found out that a dear friend has been holding out on me...

In a fit of narcissism, I searched for all blogs mentioning my blog, expecting only to come up with this blog and my diet diary when lo and behold! A third blog appeared!

Curious, I clicked on the link (of course), wondering with delicious frissons of excitement and autophilia who could possibly be talking about Me.

Imagine my sense of complete and utter betrayal when I found out that this fabulously entertaining blog (great sense of style and wit) was none other than (censored name here).

Sweetheart, when you give me the word, I will place a link on my blog to your blog. Until then, I will respect your privacy (since there was obviously a reason you didn't tell us), and try to contain any resentment that not only is your blog is more entertaining than mine, but you weigh less than me too.

Update: Everybody, say hello to Psychomuffin. (I had to go back over all my old posts and change all references to Psychomuffin (by name or otherwise) to point here. Same with D-man.)
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  • At Mon Sep 26, 09:03:00 pm GMT+2, Blogger lefty_grrrl said…

    Hey - looks like you found SiteMeter. Cool.

    My good friend FemiMommy has fibromyalgia. She struggles with all sorts of bizarre symptoms and maladies. Maybe you guys could exchange remedies and war stories!


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