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Monday, September 05, 2005

[+/-] Bukhara, Cape Town

James and I went out for supper on Saturday night, to Bukhara, one of the most popular restaurants in Cape Town. Its an Indian restaurant, supposedly with the reputation of being the spiciest restaurant in the country.

I, being not very brave, ordered the chicken korma, because (a) its not supposed to be hot, and (b) I've had chicken korma's before, and they have always been very tasty.

This meal sucked! I have had chicken-a-la-king that tasted better. What a waste of R75!!! (without the rice!!!) I would much rather go to Pride of India in the Elangeni Hotel in Durban (Holiday Inn, Garden Court)...

Capetonians obviously wouldn't know a good curry if it bit them in the ass...
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