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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

[+/-] The 411 on BlackJack

I really enjoy the TV series "Las Vegas" (Mondays, 9-10pm, SABC3). Its really ... colourful.

It reminds me, did I mention our class went to the GrandWest Casino the other night for our social event to "learn about probabilities"? We all went into the "tutorial room" (or whatever it's called) where they demonstrate all the different games (well, they had Roulette and BlackJack going while we were there).

I sat at the BlackJack table, and god it was fun! I knew you had to get to 21, and about "insurance" and all that, but that was about it. They only use 5 decks of cards, which means that card-counting can't be all that hard. Unfortunately, there is no way to card-count anymore, because they continually put the cards back in this automatic shuffling machine-thingy. Besides that, I got some really good tips on when to stand, when to split, when to surrender, all in reference to what the dealer is holding. It was fab.
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