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Monday, August 29, 2005

[+/-] Sharks sharks sharks

What does it all mean?

I keep dreaming of sharks. Big, nasty sharks. Not the same dream, and not the same sharks, but there are big scary sharks in at least 3/7 dream nights per week...

I've figured out other dream symbols, but the sharks have me stumped.

For example, the other day I dreamed I was walking around a crystal clear swimming pool, with a crocodile in it, eating pork sausages out of a plastic tupperware. When the crocodile was finished eating, I went over to get some sausages, but there was a snapping turtle in the tupperware. I dropped the tupperware (out of fright) into the pool, which then became dirty from turtle poo.

Interpretation for me:
Water = emotional state (ie, state of subconcious, conscious, and unconcious)
Therfore, the crystal clear, chemically treated pool = my chemically treated emotional state (SSRI anti-depressants).
Crocodile/snapping turtle = my irritability/depression/snappishness
Food in the pool = my emotional state is linked to food (not a good thing, I know - I'm a comfort eater)
Turtle poo fouling up my pool = there is still some lurking depression trying to break through and mess up the nice clean pool.

Bottom line: I'm not quite ready to come off the SSRI's...

Maybe its a long shot, but that's what it means for me...

...funny, that made a lot more sense at the time... oh well :)
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