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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

[+/-] Kinesiology

So I went to see this Kinesiologist yesterday... all the way up in Howick, but wow! It was absolutely incredible...

I have this belief that small psychological or emotional issues that are ignored eventually start clamouring for attention in a louder and louder voice, until eventually they manifest has something in your physical body. Like, maybe you have issues being a working mother, issues with the nurturing aspect of yourself, and eventually you end up with breast cancer because you've refused to deal with it.

Well, I feel like I've lost my faith. Not in the religious sense of the word, but in the spiritual sense. I feel like I've lost my connection to the Divine. I feel like I've been drowning in darkness, deaf to the voices of my guardian angels, my intuition, blind to the beauty in the world, unable to receive gracefully (hence my being broke)... I have been running on empty for so long now, no wonder my muscles are complaining. No wonder my emotions are depressed. No wonder I've put on so much weight - I have no spiritual protection left, my physical body (ego) has no choice but to step in and protect itself with a layer of blubber...

No wonder I have attracted to myself a partner who is a complete and utter atheist. Ah, the mirror of my soul...
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