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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

[+/-] Arg!!!! Fuck!!

Fuckity fuck fuck and fuck! I should have just stayed in bed this morning! Damn it all!

james the stupid fucking fucker kept me up all night with his fucking snoring and this is the second fucking night in a fucking row that this has happened i must have woken up every fucking hour or so so now I am in a foul mood and not using any punctuation and if james doesn't get something to stop his snoring i will be forced to buy sleeping tablets or sleep on the sleeper couch and its fucking cold out there on the sleeper couch and i'm not even sure its always his snoring that wakes me cause I am often awake before he starts I think its because he launches himself onto his back with such vigor that it fucking bounces me awake and then I know it will just be seconds until he starts snoring cause he only does it on his back so I wait for it and wait for it and then it starts so I poke him and tell him to roll over he's snoring and then he does but now I'm already awake and irritated so now his fucking heavy breathing annoys me and I can't poke him and tell him to roll over before he starts snoring because somehow he knows he hasn't been snoring and he just grunts and ignores me if i tell him to roll over when he hasn't been snoring and I mean doesn't that just smack of deliberateness and so now today I'm sore because I always wake up sore and stiff if I haven't been able to sleep properly and sleeping tablets are already not a good option because people with fibromyalgia have issues with their delta phase of sleep (the really really deep sleep) which may be a cause or an effect of the sore muscles nobody knows and we are warned that sleeping tablets will make it worse because most sleeping tablets put you to sleep but they inhibit the delta phase of sleep anyway so there goes that plan...

Big breath....

and now my computer won't work properly I installed Service Pack 2 without installing SP1, and then discovered that you actually need both (the one doesn't override the other like what fucking kind of patch is that) so I don't have the high speed USB drivers and everytime I plug in my flash drive I get this stupid message that this is a high speed device plugged into a non-high speed drive and james says maybe that particular usb port isn't high speed but what does he know he's a fucking antiwindows person and its my computer I know that hasn't happened before and its a new computer anyway and when did they stop manufacturing usb 1.0 I mean really I just need the drivers but now Microsoft has withdrawn the stand-alone usb drivers from their website so i can only get it with the entire service pack 1 and anyway the windows update site has been banned at the university (I think too many people downloading and updating their computers) but thats ok I know that the varsity provides a download site so I download SP1 from the local server or whatever its called but it wont install because its older than SP2 so I have to first uninstall SP2 then I install SP1 and now my browsers are not working and so now I can't download SP2 but my browsers aren't working even in Linux but everyone else says no the internet is fine so it must just be my computer so I decide to drive home and fetch my SP2 CD cause I was clever last time and I ordered it from Microsoft cause SP2 is huge and it takes forever to download but now james' fucking car won't start and I'm driving his car cause my mom is borrowing my car while hers is in the panel beaters and i still haven't been paid yet and that is fucking annoying and now i can't go anywhere cause the car wont start and now i am going to have to ask for help and i hate asking for car help cause its going to require that someone pushes that fucking huge heavy fucking jetta from its parking space and then maybe jump starts it or something and its a fucking mission and I hate interrupting people while they are on their way out to lunch or whatever...

On the plus side, my new PowerBook is beautiful. Very bling bling.

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