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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

[+/-] Fibromyalgia and eyes - part the second

So, having done some research on the internet, I found some interesting things... specifically, I found a very nice article called "What your Eye Doctor should know", which explained most of my symptoms. I won't go into all the details here (if you are interested, go to but basically (besides Sicca Syndrome (ie, dry eyes, nose, mouth) ), it seems likely that my fluctuating lens prescription is due to "tense" eye muscles, with trigger points in those muscles. Indeed, looking into the corners of my eyes is quite painful, and leaves me disoriented.

Solution: stretchercises :)

Dunno about the plaque though...

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  • At Thu Feb 09, 07:41:00 am GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, I'm the same person who wrote on your part one. When I said no one would even give me glasses, the "eye muscles" were blamed and also the meds I am on. Since my vision fluctuated, I was told glasses wouldn't help. But I do think that the prism thing is the answer for me and I highly recommend you ask your doctor about it. Certainly can't make it worse, can it? FM stinks, and most people just don't seem to understand the agony we go through. I have battle for YEARS w/my mom-in-law, who says that we all have to suffer with a little pain now and then, so she has NO sympathy. Once I was talking to my hubby, (her son!)& she thought I was trying to prevent him from participating in some family activities w/my "problems(complaining)" & what I was really doing was telling him I felt disoriented. She literally tried to pull me away from him. Well, I showed her! I PASSED OUT right there, practically ON HER! lol After that, she took me a little more seriously (for about a month or so), but it still makes me laugh to think about it, since I have gained significant weight since I became this shadow of my former self. We have to find humour where we can when we are fighting this dreadful disease and all the fun little things that go along w/it. You know, the ibs,intersticial cystitis, PAIN, stiffness, hypo-thyroidism, migraines, muscle aches, blah blah blah, right? lol Have a nice day and keep your head up (unless you're having a bad day, then just lay your head on a nice pillow!)


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